Paint yourself weird

By Annika Erdman

Whoever said the weekend is over on Sunday? Rebecca Black may be sad to see Monday roll around, but if you have a guest in town this week, plan on starting off the week by attending the Tuaca Body Art Ball. The event is 21 and up, and you have to register so you should head to the website before it’s too late. Check out the photo gallery to see the art from previous balls.

The Ball is starting off here in Austin, then to St. Louis, Vancouver, Las Vegas, Breckenridge and Houston during it’s North American tour. You and your visitors will experience a truly weird night on the town.

The Ball is at Moody Theater which is the new home of ACL-Live, a true Austin original, so you and your friend will be spending a weird Monday night at one of the city’s landmarks.

If you want to grab food or drinks before hand, there are plenty to choose from on 2nd Street (and of course, nearby 6th) before heading to the ball.

Doors open at 7:30p at the Moody Theater, Monday, March 28.

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