If You’re In The Mood For Coffee

As someone who loves sitting in peace somewhere drinking an iced latte and reading, I’ve done a bit of browsing in coffee shops around Austin. While I don’t have the most complete perspective, I’ve come up with a few coffee shops that each provide a different quality to support whatever type of atmosphere you seek.


Best for: getting a meal, having a date

Located: 218 W. 4th St.

Unlike many coffee shops, Halcyon also has real food. That paired with its colorful interior design and comfortable couches make it a great place to grab a meal with friends or even meet for a date. I know I plan on trying their Tableside S’mores the next time I go…


Best for: a beautiful day

Located: 3825 Lake Austin Blvd.

Tip: If you’re coming from campus, the ER bus makes a stop right around the corner!

Mozart’s has the best view I’ve seen thus far in my coffee shop research. It has plenty of outdoor seating, giving its customers sought-out proximity to Lake Austin. It’s also open late (usually 12 a.m. or 1 a.m.), which may especially appeal to college students looking to get some late night studying in.


Best for: studying

Located: 5011 Duval Street @ 51st

My experience with Flightpath has been characterized by eclectic furniture and total peace and quiet.


Best for: your cravings at an unusual hour (it’s open 24 hours)

Located: 2001 E. 19th Street

Bennu satisfies daily the cravings or needs of its customers at all times of the day (especially UT students- it is the closest 24-hour coffee shop to campus).

Below are some links to other lists of Austin coffee shops to visit. I noticed Little City and Pacha on the list- I’m not familiar with either, so I’ll have to check those out in the near future. I’d be curious to know what the atmosphere is like at either one, and if they’re actually good coffee shops. Anyone know?

“10 Best Coffee Shops in Austin”


Austin’s Top 10 Coffee Shops: Part 1

By Benjamin Gustafsson

(*Can’t wait till Part 2 comes out…)


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