Sixth Sense

By Matt Loving

Famous through the decades, strong through weekend, Sixth Street continues to be a place that is on everybody’s to-do list. Despite being a major bar strip, it has a surprising versatility that can be used to fill up a day.

There are definitely two versions (more like personalities) to Sixth St: Crazy and Classy, but were getting ahead of ourselves. The things to keep in mind are this is an area and not a street. Fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh could and should be used during your time downtown.  To competently guide your friends on their trip downtown commit these truisms to memory.

  • Fourth is the best for parking with its easy access to Congress
  • Fifth is the best place to eat (Spaghetti Warehouse, Franks, Shiners Saloon has a kitchen that never closes)
  • Sixth has the best mix of bars
  • Seventh is the best place to catch a cab or bus if you didn’t drive or got intoxicated.

The different sides of Sixth must be understood. The “dirty” side (east Sixth) is very much the college scene and the closer to the interstate you get, the more dive-bar it becomes. It stays pretty consistent until you reach a bar called Buffalo Billiards. This marks the divide between Dirty and Classy-Sixth Street. In between there are blocks of nothingness bar-wise, but it serves a purpose. Once you get to the West side, there is no spill over. It’s full of different people with a different character.

Professional is the word. East sixth, nobody has a job. On west, most of the talk is about what office building floor you work in. It’s a little more expensive and has a lot less live music. It’s less MTV and more Hilton. Even the homeless population is lower.

The more of the area you use, the better your time will be, but don’t be rushed. Slide around and eat, check out the Alamo draft house, see a band, and take a petty cab if you decide to switch sides.

The good thing about this place is it can be used any night of the week/weekend.


About Matt Loving

Journalism Senior at UT Austin.
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One Response to Sixth Sense

  1. I like how you clarified what each street (4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th) is good for. I know I tend not to differentiate much between them, and it isn’t always easy to, so this was very helpful!

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