Stand-Up Scene

By Matt Loving

I’m just going to say it: Comedy troupe.

No seriously, its cool. The New Movement Theater boasts Chris Trew this coming Saturday. He is famous for industry comedy stuff like Studio 8 and other things, but his biggest event has been running the air-sex competition. It’s like air guitar, but, you get the picture. Bottom line he is hilarious.

It’s on Saturday in East Central Austin. The cover is five dollars so it’s not a big deal to get in, they’re not going to sell out and it begins at 9:30, so your night is not over afterwards.

The stigma of comedy troupe does not really apply here. This is stand-up comedy with a “progressive feel,” which means they’re involved in teaching as well. Don’t worry, you don’t have to sign up for a class.

This is a great example of Austin. Theater, comedy, a good probability that everybody will be dressed very trendy (and bearded) will give your friends a very appropriate taste of the area.

The kind of patrons at these places are very open-minded. Don’t worry if you don’t know anything about the culture of the event, asking drama buffs about their opinions is very much like crack so your sure to make friends, get invited to a get together, make a bunch of Facebook friends, ect. This could change the course of your whole week. Worst case scenario, you go see some comedy and grab food afterward.

This is a no lose situation.

The GPS address is  1819 Rosewood Ave.
Austin, TX

See you all there.

About Matt Loving

Journalism Senior at UT Austin.
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