Take In The Sights

By Lauren Abram

Known as the highest peak in Austin, Mt. Bonnell has become known as a lover’s point. Standing at 785 ft. tall, the peak overlooks the Colorado river and has become a popular spot for couples to have picnics, watch the sunset, and even take engagement pictures. It is said that if couples climb the staircase together for the first time, that they will fall in love, a second, that they would get engaged, and a third that they would inevitably get married.

Mt. Bonnell is by far my favorite spot in Austin, and makes for one great place to take a loved one, or even a group of friends just to take in the sights. There are plenty of jet skis, ferries of people, and neighbors always happy to see the visitors in the area.

Parking in the area is great, and its never crowded to the point where its not enjoyable. Take a day to check out the sights at Mt. Bonnell.

Into the GPS: 3800 Mt. Bonnell Drive, Austin, TX 78731

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