Outdoor Experiences

Spring cannot be denied any longer. Major League Baseball has opened its gates and turned on the sun, the girls have unpacked the shorts, and the spring break recovery period is well past due.

The newly arrived weather can be celebrated in both of the traditional ways here in Austin: lakes and baseball.

First, baseball:

The Texas Longhorns baseball team is very good this year and tickets can be bought for just about ten dollars. If pro ball is your style, the Round Rock Express (AAA for the Texas Rangers) is just about 30 minutes north and offers a look at future starts of the major leagues.  Either choice is pretty good and cheap.

If you decide to stay in Austin, the advantages are obvious. You can choose to go to Round Rock but the drive is not ideal, although there is a considerably larger outlet of main stream shopping to be had. (Malls, outlets, Ect.) If you plan on drinking, Round rock would be the place to go as alcohol is not sold or allowed at Dish-Faulk Field, but you can tailgate, however, don’t expect it to be as vivid an experience as the football tailgates.

Now the lakes:

Lake Austin is the most centralized public water around with the most options and least travel time. You can Kayak, Canoe, paddle boat, paddle board, swim or whatever. You can rent everything right at the pier, with the most expensive being canoeing and paddle boarding, otherwise you’re looking at about 15 dollars apiece. It’s rented by the hour so be mindful of that. Really, if you don’t have fun at this lake it’s your fault.

Now as far as the non-traditional things, the duck tours can be fun if you’re looking to see the city, but you need to do it now while it’s not quite Texas hot yet. They will give you a splash in the lake at the end, but you’ll be cruising Congress Ave.  for a while also. Cost is about 26 bucks, so pack a lunch.

Camping wise, McKinney St. falls is good, cheap, and seclude. Five buck to get in a person means your expenses can be spent on the supplies and not fees. Your dog is welcome and there is a lake for swimming. The bottom line is Austin has a big camping culture and this is the last good spot not over-run. It’s very safe and a staff favorite.

A good fall back is just to go to Auditorium Shores and do “outside” things. Ultimate frisbee, soccer, hiking and jogging, all of it happens here constantly and it requires no planning. Also a good place for dogs.

Once your visitors are on their way to Austin, they’ll already be looking at the weather to see how much time they can spend outdoors. The night life will be there later, but use your days. An ATX tan is a must.


About Matt Loving

Journalism Senior at UT Austin.
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