First Class With Gold Class

By: Lauren Abram

When $5 popcorn and $3.50 candy bars just won’t cut it, Gold Class Cinema in Austin provides its guests with an upper class type of movie experience. Located at The Domain, Gold Class Cinema allows for guests to reserve their own seats in the theater to make sure they get every bit of enjoyment out of seeing the film of their choice. Instead of having to find something to fill the time between arrival and the feature film screening, Gold Class welcomes its guests to enjoy a happy hour in the ‘Gold Class’ lounge. Full bar menus are provided.
So you’re seated, what’s next? Gold Class Cinema employees for your particular screening introduce themselves and tell you how to best enjoy your time at the theater. All of the seats in the theater recline almost completely horizontally, every guest is given blankets and pillows upon request, and complimentary popcorn. Don’t forget your dinner menu!
The “Gold” in Gold Class Cinema isn’t to be taken lightly. Ticket prices to see screenings here run $21 per person. If you would like to order dinner, menu prices run between $5 and $25. Don’t forget you bar tab.
This may not need to become a regular place to catch the next feature film, but its a great place for date nights!

Location: The Domain (Mopac near Braker Ln)

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5 Responses to First Class With Gold Class

  1. Ambika Singh says:

    i’ve heard of this place and have a friend who raves about it! haven’t checked it out yet but they really do treat you special in there, i’ve been told! will have to check it out one day when i have a dollar to spare!

  2. Rachel Levi says:

    Wow, this sounds awesome! Although I definitely wouldn’t be going here to see every movie because it is a bit pricy, it is definitely something I would consider doing when my boyfriend visits me in Austin. Sounds like a good date-night type of place.

  3. This place sounds kind of expensive. I’m not sure if I’d want to see a movie there because of the ticket prices. I like how the theater is trying to be different by providing reclining seats, blankets, and free popcorn to patrons; however, I can enjoy the same amenities at home for a much cheaper price.

  4. Korri Kezar says:

    This sounds pretty expensive, but it also sounds like the perfect place for a nice date night or birthday dinner. One of my friend’s birthdays is coming up, in fact, and I can’t make her party, so I’m thinking about taking her to this place. And it sounds like something I’d take my sisters to so they can experience something Austin-ish and fun. This seems like a way better place than Alamo Drafthouse if you’re willing to swallow the bill.

  5. Lara Berendt says:

    The husband and I have been meaning to try this place out but we always forget or can’t get the seats we want, so end up at Alamo instead. I’ve heard good things though. I can’t stay awake through a movie at home, and I wonder if a fully reclined chair, blanket and wine wouldn’t put me right to sleep at Gold Class! I’ll have to test it out.

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