Saturday Morning at the Market

The Farmers’ Market at 4th and Guadalupe is one of those versatile Austin events where there’s something for everyone. When I went last week, it was a beautiful day. There were friends, families, couples, and even dogs, and vendors were selling everything from artichokes to handmade soap.

Whether you’re on the lookout for fresh produce or just a fresh cup of coffee, the Farmers’ Market is for you. Every Saturday, year-round and rain or shine, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., you can browse what’s for sale, lounge on the grass, and listen to the featured music. Last week, the market hosted the New Orleans Jazz Band of Austin. I also met a street performer named Gidi Agbeko, who plays at the market every week.

Agbeko, who moved to Austin recently from Ghana (where he is a full-time musician), said he plays at the market not for the tips but for his love of music. “I’m not depending on the money so much while I’m here because I want to entertain the people,” Agbeko said. “Maybe somebody’s in a bad mood this morning and then maybe listening to me, I bring her happiness.”

As he played, he smiled at the people stopping to watch, take pictures, or even coerce their children into dropping a tip into the basket in front of him. Occasionally, he would invite a child to play with him or wave at a familiar customer.

Such a scene is typical at the Farmers’ Market, where strangers become neighbors and local businesses interact with their customers more intimately.

For more details, including a list of vendors and other Farmers’ Market locations, visit the website at:

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