San Marcos hosts Unicycle Football League playoffs

By Annika Erdman

If you’re looking for an outdoor event this weekend, bring your friends to the Unicycle Football League’s Season 6 playoffs. This Sunday, April 10, the playoff games will take place at the Farmers Market in San Marcos, off C.M. Allen Parkway. The first game starts at 2p, and the second follows at 4p.

The UFL started up in 2008 in San Marcos, TX and this season the league is made up of 6 teams: Berzerkerz, Gnarwhals, Hot Dogs, Unicychos, Ill Eagles and Hell On Wheel. Hell On Wheel is the newest team, and the only one from Austin. Each of the team members have monikers reminiscent of roller derby nicknames.

There isn’t tackling involved in the sport (they use a flag system instead), but  aside from that, the rules stick close to American football.

If you miss the playoffs – the “Stupor Bowl” will take place April 17. You can also get involved and play in the Unicycle Football League.

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