Austin’s Mobile Pub Crawler

This is a big, mobile bar that the drinkers drive around the city. Up and down south congress, around the capital building, and back to the downtown area. You obviously need to be 21 to do this, but there is nothing like it. Finally, the Hump Day tour is back and for a short time it’s a little cheap. So if you can, sign up for this week.

Patrons tour Austin on the Pub Crawler

How it works is patrons sit at the bar, and they use pedals like a bicycle to move it. There is a driver that is provided so no, they are not driving while impaired, but they are losing calories while they pour them in.
They don’t provide the beer, but you can bring you own and are encouraged to purchase a keg that they will attach it to the tap on the Crawler and you’ve got your own draft to pour anytime you want.

Liquor is not allowed, but beer and wine are. You can actually choose your route, but they have suggested routes that they know will be fun, like starting on fourth St. and then ending at sixth.

It’s very easy to sign up. Just go online for registration.  Pricing is, when full $35 a person and it takes 16 people. You don’t have to provide all 16 yourself as it’s easy to jump in on other groups and meet new friends.

Patrons pedal rather than drive around the city of Austin.

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4 Responses to Austin’s Mobile Pub Crawler

  1. Rachel Levi says:

    Oh my god this is awesome. I wish I had known about it sooner. I will definitely take my friends there when they visit from out of town. I may even go do that with my roommates!

  2. awesome idea! but i have a couple questions: (1) have you tried this? i want to know how you liked it! (2) how hard do you have to pedal? basically, does the speed and distance covered all depend on how hard the customers are pedaling?

    • Matt Loving says:

      My roommates have done it twice and they loved it. You book if for a predetermined time period and can really take it at your leisure(there are late penalties).
      Basically the more people you have the less you have to pedal, and my roommates said it was not bad at all.

  3. Zach Miller says:

    This is so cool. I’ve seen this thing going on 5th street before but had no idea it was a bar! I’ll have to check it out.

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