Psychic and Tarot Card Reading

Getting your palm, tarot card, and future read with a couple of friends or as a couple can be really interesting. It’s strange to see how the out-looks can overlap and it’s fun to talk about the apparent future.

There are many places to have this done in the ATX area but most are different. Some are a little hokey and cheesy, but a good physic makes you feel at ease, comfortable and can realize when a group is there for fun and not “life advice.”

A good thing to do is call first, talk to the psychic and ask about prices and whatever is concerning you. Peggy Philemon is a psychic that I’ve been to and recommend. (Peggy Philemon)

The more people that go, the cheaper it is. Normal readings are around $20 bucks, but you can pick different things. A smart thing to do is stick to tarot cards and palms, but they’ll try and sell you crystal ball and water readings.  Unless you’re very into this culture it might not be as fun for you as they can be vague and full of metaphors.

Basic tools for a physic in Austin

If you don’t know anything of this culture, that’s fine. A first time experience is always memorable and these are business’ first so they’ll want you, most importantly, to have fun so you might come back.

If you’re in a strange mood, want to try something different, or need to pass an hour or so, seeing a physic can be surprisingly fun.

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Journalism Senior at UT Austin.
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One Response to Psychic and Tarot Card Reading

  1. Amanda Robalin says:

    this is actually such a fun idea. i’ve never been before because its always creeped me out a bit–i’m scared to hear what these people have to say about my future! but definitely something fun and different for a city like Austin! very cool idea.

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