Austin Rocks When They Roll!

Walking tours? Boring. Boat tours? Yawn. Check out Austin in one of Austin’s “weirdest” ways possible with SegCity capitol city Segway tours! With SegCity, visitors get a one-of-a-kind complete city tour full of Austin history and sites, but also cool restaurants, bars, and the best happy-hours.
Tours are lead by SegCity tour guides as you are lead around the city of Austin, by Lady Bird Lake, all the way up to the Texas state Capital. You even get a chance to go inside the capital and explore. You might be subject to a few stares from the locals, but its Austin; weird tours pass here.
The Segways take some getting used to, but There are 4 different tours to choose from ranging in time differences, including meals, and even an opportunity to see the Congress bridge bats. It’s a bit on the pricey side, running $53 at the cheapest, but for 2.5 hours and BBQ, I think it makes for a good spot on an Austin to-do list.
SegCity recently partnered with “Austin Cultural Campus” and now offers summer tours of 5 museums surrounding the University of Texas, and a bit of history about the university itself. These tours run $63/person. Visiting family members may benefit most from this tour.
Be sure to check out SegCity Austin, located 621 E. 6th Street, to book your Segway tour. Austin rocks when they roll!

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2 Responses to Austin Rocks When They Roll!

  1. Ambika Singh says:

    I see people doing this all the time and I always laugh to myself because it looks so funny but people REally enjoy those segway tours!

  2. My roommate wanted to get a Segway tour for her friend. She didn’t know who to contact or how much the tours cost. I’ll be sure to pass this information along to her. The tours seem like a good opportunity to explore Austin in a unique way even though they’re a little pricey.

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