Texas Revue 2011

Every year, UT holds Texas Revue, the biggest talent show on campus. With representatives from different student organizations, Texas Revue has become “the” talent showcase to win.
This year’s show will be held in Bass Concert Hall this Saturday 4/16 at 7 p.m, and student admission is free.
Texas Pom, fraternities, cultural organizations, and independent artists audition every year, and are picked based on the performances they have planned for the show. Voting is then done by the student body over the next two days, and the “best overall” winner receives a $1500 cash prize!
The judging panel includes individuals from around Austin, and the UT community, including Joah Spearman of Austin Music Commission and Style X, Jack O’Brien of The Bright Light Social Hour, Danny Reisch of Good Danny’s, Chris Apollo Lynn of Republic of Austin, Cheryl Chaddick of Chaddick Dance Theater, and Dr. Soncia Reagin-Lilly Senior Associate Vice President for Student Affairs.
For a list of this year’s acts, visit UT Texas Revue 2011 online!

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4 Responses to Texas Revue 2011

  1. We actually wrote a piece about Mother Falcon, who participated in this last year! Unfortunately, they didn’t win because they weren’t all UT students. I love going to this, there is so much talent here.

  2. Thu Pham says:

    I was on the planning committee for Texas Revue last year! This year’s acts are going to be great. The committee is flyering at West Mall and jester later this week, so there are going to be tons of free shirts and swag.

  3. Lauren Abram says:

    Free shirts? I’m in! Definitely keeping a look out for that

  4. I’ve participated in Texas Revue twice and gone to see it the year that I didn’t perform. It’s always a great show, and participating in it was a really nice experience. Though I don’t know about all of the acts, I can tell you that Redefined Dance Company participates every year and they are absolutely amazing every time. Texas Bhangra and Hum A Capella are also a lot of fun to watch and listen to. It should be a really good show!

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