Spring at the Zilker Park Botanical Gardens

The entrance to the Zilker Park Botanical Gardens on Barton Springs Road.

Now that it’s mid-April, the flowers are in bloom at the Zilker Park Botanical Gardens. Entrance to the garden and parking are free.  The gardens are open 7a to 7p during Daylight Savings Time every day.

The dry weather has held back some of the beauty of the blooms this spring, but going to the gardens is a must-do. It’s dog-friendly and located close to the other Zilker Park attractions.

Words can’t adequately describe what the gardens are like, so I offer a few photos instead.

Bluebonnets/Photo by Annika Erdman

Pond in the Oriental Garden/Photo by Annika Erdman

Anole lizard on a stump/Photo by Joseph Bartek

Waterfall in the Prehistoric Garden/Photo by Annika Erdman

Bright flowers at the gardens/Photo by Annika Erdman

Dinosaur in the Prehistoric Garden/Photo by Annika Erdman

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3 Responses to Spring at the Zilker Park Botanical Gardens

  1. Korri Kezar says:

    First of all, Annika took amazing photos! Secondly, I’ve lived in Austin for three years and have never visited the gardens in Zilker, but these pictures are definitely making me put a trip here further up on my to-do list. As a plant lover, I’m excited about visiting.

  2. Destinee Hodge says:

    I have to agree with Korri, these are some great pictures. They look like they should be in a coffee-table book. I’m the kind of person who likes to have a quiet solitary stroll every now and then so I will definitely be giving this place a try!

  3. Lara Berendt says:

    This is one of my favorite places, and I need to remember to visit again before the summer heat becomes oppressive. In the past I’ve been here for an Austin Bonsai Society event, which was fantastic, and most recently, the Green Garden Festival, which featured tons of different talks and information booths about everything related to home gardening and green living in general. Your photos are indeed stunning, Annika!

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