Giggle Your Pants Off!

The University of Texas hosts more than 1,000 student organizations. No matter what you are interested in, whether that be glow-in-the-dark yo-yoing or basket weaving, there is an organization for you.

n292915448630_2013.jpgGigglepants Improv Comedy Troupe is a non-profit (extreme emphasis on NON-profit) competitive improv troupe and student organization at UT that prides itself on bringing laughter and plenty of entertainment to the university. Each member of the team participates in different segments that challenge each person’s ability to think of a funny punch line on the spot. It’s improv!
Van Winn, a sophomore Plan II psychology major, is an active member of Gigglepants and finds it to be an integral part of university student organizations.

“I did improv in high school so naturally when I found out there was an improv troupe at UT, I was really excited to get involved,” Winn said.

Winn said he not only benefits from entertaining his fellow Longhorns, but he also benefits from the fun practices and the long-lasting friendships he has formed with his other team members.

“Personally, I get a fun release from my stress with Gigglepants. When we practice and do shows it’s a whole lot of fun and it helps me get through the week. Also, my fellow Gigglepants members are some of my closest friends at UT,” Winn said.

Gigglepants improvisational comedy is displayed in short form with several scenes constructed from predetermined games and ideas that are driven by audience suggestions. So not only are you entertained, you also run the show!

Individual shows are scheduled (free of charge, I might add) to be held every other Friday during the school year, however, the troupe is open to scheduling other non-profit shows and fundraising to help different causes. There are only two more shows (one this Friday, April 22) scheduled for this semester!

Last year, Gigglepants teamed up with the UT Ransom Notes, an a cappella group on campus, and raised hundreds of dollars to aid in Haiti earthquake relief efforts.

Wayne Adams, a senior majoring in Engineering, attended the benefit show along with his roommate.

“I thought it was a great way to help raise money and showcase UT talent,” Adams said.
“We all want to help the cause, and with us all pitching in, we enjoyed a great show and helped those that needed it.”

Many students keep up to date with Gigglepants through Facebook and Twitter and always receive notifications of events through the troupe’s website,
Go ahead and attend a free show…you just might giggle your pants off!

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One Response to Giggle Your Pants Off!

  1. Destinee Hodge says:

    I’ve attended more Gigglepants shows than I can count and I can honestly say that they do an amazing job. They also acted as the emcee for Forty Acres Fest this year.

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