Alama Drafthouse: Not your average movie night

Looking for a different kind of movie night? The Alamo Drafthouse schedule for April 21-23 is packed with unique events for movie lovers (and those who love to mock movies), in addition to their usual offerings of current films, great food and of course, draft beer.

Coming up at the Alamo Ritz location (my personal favorite out of the Austin venues):

Thursday, April 21 – The Princess Bride Quote-Along at 7p. Tickets are $12 for general admission. If you’ve seen this 1987 flick one too many times, this event is for you.

In Da Club Sing-Along at 10p, also playing the following Thursday at the same time. Tickets are $12. This is a music event, not a movie event, but it’s a unique way to enjoy the Alamo.

Friday, April 22 – Saturday, April 23  – Master Pancake Sound of Music at 7p and 10p. Tickets are $13.50 . This show also will play the following Friday and Saturday evenings. This is another in the MP series of movie mockery at the Alamo.

In addition to the special events, the new stoner-comedy, Your Highness, is playing at the Ritz all weekend. Located on 6th Street, the Ritz location features couches, and normal movie seats, a large menu of food to enjoy during the film. I recommend the popcorn and rootbeer float, which features Amy’s Ice Creams, even for those over 21.

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2 Responses to Alama Drafthouse: Not your average movie night

  1. Destinee Hodge says:

    The Alamo is definitely a unique experience. From the grungy attendants to the ability to have a full meal, it’s something everyone visiting/living in Austin should try at least once. My only complaint is that even though the attendants try really hard to duck below the screen when bringing food, it can still be a little distracting. That definitely shouldn’t stop anyone from trying it though!

  2. Lara Berendt says:

    I am so spoiled by the Alamo theaters that I’m not satisfied with seeing a movie unless it’s accompanied by a bottle of wine and tons of unhealthy food. I used to revel in their chicken fingers and gravy, but then I stopped eating meat. Now I usually get pizza 🙂

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