Eeyore’s Birthday Party

Party goers enjoy the drum circles at Eeyore's birthday party.

The most depressing cartoon character in Disney history might be the most celebrated among the Austin culture. His birthday party is being held at Pease Park, as is tradition, once again. 

This party has been going on since 1968 and has only picked up and, in fact, spread to other parts of the country. Don’t be fooled by imitators, this is the original.

There is no one word to describe the party, but is has multiple tiers. There is a kid section where you can pet the donkey, but the more mature and college students take a different feel to this. They bring in drinks, food, grills, and drums. Lots and lots of drums. Sometimes there will be a circle of 100 people with just as many dancing inside it. 

This part is intentionally kept away from the family side for a few reasons. This is a very “free love” type of event and it’s not uncommon for somebody to be partially naked for a bit, intoxicated, or engage in misdemeanor illegal activities. If any of these things make you feel uncomfortable, there is an entire section provided for you to enjoy the birthday party, where the biggest event takes place of the entire festival. 

The sack race is a good spot for competitive challenges, or hilarious fun. Either way is a good choice.

My suggestion would be to take a bus there (absolutely do not try to drive) and pay for a taxi home. The bus is not reliable for getting back to the city once Eeyore’s party gets under way. Pack a lunch and drinks because this is the only time you can really bring stuff like that into the park without a problem. Leave before it gets dark. Things can get a little questionable towards sundown. Finally, wear tennis shoes. So many people break flip flops and have to walk around with one shoe. I’m not sure what it is about this place that eats sandals, but it does. They even sell shoes there, and they are not cheap for this reason.

This could be the most expensive thing you do all week, or the most fun you’ve had for free all year. It’s all about how you plan and pack. 


About Matt Loving

Journalism Senior at UT Austin.
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4 Responses to Eeyore’s Birthday Party

  1. Ambika Singh says:

    i love eeyore’s birthday. you definitely put some good tips in there about enjoying it/getting there! nice job!

  2. Last year, I made the mistake of driving by Pease Park while this event was going on. I didn’t know what Eeyore’s Birthday was at the time. So when I saw a man dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean, I figured it was just another person embracing Austin’s acceptance of eccentric outfits. I’m going to try and make it out there this year, though. It looks like fun.

  3. My parents and I misunderstood this to be based solely on Winnie the Pooh when I was a kid. When we arrived, we witnessed a lot of the ‘free love’ that you’re talking about, and my parents pretty rapidly packed me up and took me home. I definitely want to check this out now, though, since I’ve adapted to that attitude around Austin over the past few years and I appreciate it much more than my parents do. I’ll keep all your tips in mind!

  4. Amanda Robalin says:

    Eeyore’s birthday is AWESOME, you must go! If you’ve never been I strongly recommend going with an open mind 🙂 you’re going to see a lot more than you may have expected and some fascinating “costumes”. Its so much fun though and an Austin tradition, do yourself a favor and go!

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