Food Trailers: Blazing a trail for Austin Cuisine

Sno-Beach Hawaiian Shaved Ice is located next to several other food trailers on Barton Springs Road

A friend of mine said recently that the most authentic food in Austin is the trailer food, and I’m inclined to agree with him. The food trailers in Austin host a wide variety of food, from cupcakes to tacos. While some trailers sit in concentrated areas, like on South Congress or at the South Austin Trailer Park & Eatery on South 1st Street, other trailers sit alone or next to one other trailer in parking lots and on corners throughout the city.

Fliphappy Crepes is located just off South Lamar at Barton Spring Road

One trailer with both great food and ambiance is Fliphappy Crepes. Located on a side street just off of South Lamar at Barton Springs Road, the trailer offers crepes with a variety of fillings, from smoked salmon to Nutella and bananas. But I would argue that the outdoor seating is half of the experience. The trailer’s proximity to a main road makes it accessible, but the area around the trailer itself is quiet and reclusive. Colorful tables and chairs shielded in shade create a relaxed atmosphere and wonderful place to enjoy the delicious crepes.

Fliphappy Crepes offers shaded outdoor seating

There are numerous trailers serving delicious food just like this, and the hardest part to any meal involving a food trailer is just choosing which one to eat from!

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4 Responses to Food Trailers: Blazing a trail for Austin Cuisine

  1. Thu Pham says:

    I love food trailers too but I have a problem with how expensive the food is sometimes.

  2. Ambika Singh says:

    Sno beach is one of my favorite things about summertime in austin! the trailers are a huge trend and i love them but i’ll agree with Thu — sometimes they’re really expensive for what they are!

  3. I keep meaning to go to Fliphappy, I love crepes! Another great good trailer from Austin is Bananarchy. I was a little iffy about the idea of frozen bananas before, but Bananarchy has a lot of choices and they taste great. Anyone who loves Arrested Development will probably go here just because everything they serve is named after something from that show.

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