Midnight Rodeo: A blend of country and club music

The Midnight Rodeo is certainly a unique experience. Never have I ever switched from dancing country music to dancing club music with such frequency. While Midnight Rodeo is always 18+, I was surprised by the number of guests under 21 years old when I visited this past Thursday on College Night (guests wear a bracelet on the right or left wrist to distinguish those over 21 from those under 21, respectively). College Night seemed to attract a younger crowd and more amateur country music dancing skills. The dance floor, a platform with flashing lights in the center of the club, was populated by a few couples dancing polka, the two-step, or the waltz and many couples shuffling and twirling around awkwardly. But because of that, the environment was very relaxed, and I didn’t feel nervous as an amateur myself. Overall, it was a fun experience- the infusion of club music every now and then kept the dance floor populated and energy levels high. I would recommend going to College Night with friends- it’s always possible to find a dance partner (although the women outnumber the men), but I got the feeling that in this venue the fun often increases exponentially with the number of friends you bring.

Midnight Rodeo also usually hosts concerts on Friday nights and more older and experienced country western dancers on Saturday night. As a additional draw, the club also regularly features drink specials, like $1.00 Miller Lite Draft.

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One Response to Midnight Rodeo: A blend of country and club music

  1. I went here as a freshman and it was one of the most memorable nights of my freshman year. Everyone was incredibly friendly, and even though I felt a little silly at first because I didn’t know how to two-step, the people there who knew how were quick to teach my friends and me how to do it. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone, regardless of their age.

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