Noshin’ ‘Round the Clock

Let’s be honest: at some point, we’ve all had cravings for some specific type of food or drink in the middle of the night. And isn’t it disappointing when you can’t satisfy that craving? Well, here’s a quick list of restaurants and coffee shops that you can visit at any time of the day.

Kerbey Lane Café : Kerbey has several locations, including a central location at 3704 Kerbey Lane and a university location at 2606 Guadalupe. I personally love the breakfast menu- and who doesn’t have a craving sometimes for breakfast food at a non-breakfast hour?

Magnolia : This place also has more than one location, at 2304 Lake Austin Blvd. and 1920 South Congress Ave. I’ve never been to Magnolia, but I’ve only heard good things. And they also have a sizeable breakfast menu always available.

Epoch : Epoch isn’t one of my preferred coffee shops, and I don’t remember being able to work very well the last time I went because of the music level and amount of people coming in later at night. But when you’re in need of coffee or a place to socialize or even to work, Epoch is an option. Located at 221 W. North Loop Blvd.

Bennu: My friend acutely summarized her view of Bennu. “The music is too loud and there’s never enough seating. But the baristas are friendly and it’s open 24 hours.” Bennu is also closer to campus and more accessible to students looking to get some work done outside of regular business hours.

Also try:
-24 Diner: The diner is centrally located at 6th and Lamar, and it serves alcohol.
-La Mexicana Bakery: If you’re craving sugary treats, La Mexicana is for you (located at 1924 South 1st Street).
-Ken’s Doughnuts: Believe it or not, more than donuts are served here. Many people say that Ken’s is more well known for its Indian food, which it also offers (located at 2820 Guadalupe).

Here’s a link to Yelp’s list of top 10 places in Austin that are open 24 hours a day:

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One Response to Noshin’ ‘Round the Clock

  1. Kerbey Lane is one of my favorite places for this kind of craving. My roommate and I were hungry one night at 2 in the morning so we ordered some Kerbey Queso. It really helped that they allow you to call in your orders and pick them up, since it meant we didn’t have to drive there and then wait for our food. Instead it was pretty much ready by the time we arrived. Kerbey Lane will always remain one of my favorite local Austin restaurants for any kind of meal.

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