Dinner and a Movie

This is a movie experience you’ve never had before. 

Gold Class Cinemas in The Domain is the absolute best thing to do for a girlfriend or boyfriend that is coming to visit.  It is expensive (for a movie) but it’d dinner and a movie at the same time.

Seating for a Gold Class Cinema movie is a unique experience

When you walk in, it’s like checking into a hotel. Concierge, reception, and a place to put things like a jacket if you need to. Get there well before your movie so you can enjoy the lounge before the movie. 

I don’t know if it’s because of the prices, but there are no children, so it’s got a very cool atmosphere. Your waiter will get your order before you sit if you want, and they bring it to you during the movie. You’ve got a little button you can hit if you need something like a refill, and if you get chilly, ask for a blanket. 

The food prices are pretty reasonable, but the ticket costs about $22 for the movie. They can make you regular bar drinks, but nothing as fancy or exotic as the place might suggest. 

They really treat you like your royalty here. If you want something, ask for it, especially at these prices, because you just might get it. 

Perfect place for a date that is overdue or a way to make an impression early on.

About Matt Loving

Journalism Senior at UT Austin.
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6 Responses to Dinner and a Movie

  1. Destinee Hodge says:

    This I’ll definitely something I’d consider trying. But I do wonder, did you find that the seating would be appropriate for taking just friends? Or did it feel like it was strictly boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse sort of thing?

  2. I’ve got a boyfriend(ish) coming into town soon. I should give this a shot!

  3. Lara Berendt says:

    So, somehow I got the impression that kids weren’t allowed here—that it was strictly 21 and up. I think I invented that, in my head. Their website says kids are allowed, except at their Richmond location, because of the liquor laws there. But, it’s nice to know that most people still don’t bring kids very often. I like kid-free zones. Definitely need to visit this place.

  4. Zach Miller says:

    It only cost $22? I was under the impression it was more like $35. I still don’t know if I think it is worth that much, but not having children around for a movie must be nice.

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  6. My mother complained extensively about the prices of this place, but I think I might check it out. She failed to mention that there are also meals available, so it seems as though going to this theater would come to about the same price as going to the Alamo Drafthouse and buying a movie ticket and a meal.

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