Fun and Under 21- Vice Bar

Finding places downtown for those under the age of 21 can get to be annoying, but Vice Bar definitely appeals to that crowd. Located at 302 E. 6th St.,  Vice Bar presents three stories, and two DJ’s mixing both hip hop and Top 40 music. Vice Bar is known to be pretty popular on busy weekends during SXSW and Texas Relays like every other bar downtown, but also keeps its popularity when there aren’t thousands visiting Austin.
The dance floors are roomy enough for dancing and to accommodate the large crowds, and the DJ’s are located on the first and third floors, far enough away from each other so that the music doesn’t mix.
For those 21 and up, the bar prices are affordable and the bartenders suggest different drinks if you‘re picky.
Club covers are $5 for those 21 and up, and $10 for 18 and up, and is open until 2 AM. Not too bad, especially when other clubs are hosting parties at $15-20 covers.
If I had to consider any drawbacks with this venue, it would include the lack of tables, in order to make room for dancing, and the one staircase to access the three floors. If you don’t mind carrying your drink around, and dealing with a little congestion on the staircase, Vice Bar is great for those under 21.

Location: 302 E 6th St Austin, TX 78798

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