Nocturnal Fest Austin

Nocturnal Fest is coming to Austin: the biggest techno party around.

The most important thing is the tickets. Mostly they can’t sell out, but the VIP tickets can. Part of this is outdoors, some of it indoors. It’s intense, it’s two days long, and it’s expensive.

Nocturnal Fest Main Stage

General admission for both days is about $70, but you’ll need at least $100 for food and water. The ATM service charge is very high, so bring cash and put it in something with a zipper.
The list of bands totals about 30, but some top names include LABRYNTH, BASSNECTAR, and STS9.
There are a couple bars that will be in the event area, so if your not into techno music but you like the culture of it, this will still be a good time. 
If you want to go just one day, Saturday is the best option. The better bands play that night and less VIP people go, which means less roped off areas. Venders usually lower prices to make sure they get everything sold, the venue is open a little later as well. 
This can be really fun, but if your not into this scene only go for a day, but buy your tickets soon.

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Journalism Senior at UT Austin.
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5 Responses to Nocturnal Fest Austin

  1. Destinee Hodge says:

    So I’ve actually never even heard of this before. What time does it actually start though? Because if you’re paying 70 bucks for two nights, you’d want it to go for a decent amount of time.

  2. I am going to this, but the price is definitely higher than $70! We paid $90 for our tickets about two months ago. I can only imagine the prices went up.

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