Get (Platinum) Inked in Austin

Whether it’s an impulse buy, or a planned artistic endeavor, getting a tattoo is a big deal, and where you go matters. Austin has no shortage of tattoo parlors, but if you’re looking for the best, go to Platinum Ink.

I first heard about Platinum Ink on the radio, but several personal recommendations gave weight to the advertisements. The studio is clean and professional, and the staff is always cheerful. It has established a stellar reputation and offers great service in both tattoos and piercings, just ask  Austin 360. Platinum Ink won the A-List reader’s poll award for best tattoo parlor 2010.

Although this tattoo was not my first, it was my first large tattoo and I am happy to report that it turned out great. Chris “Chaos” is an artist with the tattoo gun, and the friendliest tattoo artist I’ve met.

If you’re not ready to commit to the ink, there are plenty of piercing options and jewelry available there as well. Piercings begin at $15 on Sundays , and tattoos at $35.

Platinum Ink opened in 2002 and has two Austin locations: North and South.

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4 Responses to Get (Platinum) Inked in Austin

  1. Korri Kezar says:

    Is this a clean tattoo parlor? That’s the biggest thing I looked for when I pierced my ears, and it’s important now that I’m considering a tattoo. I know a lot of people worry about cleanliness too, in addition to friendly artists.

  2. Annika Erdman says:

    Yes, Korri, they are very clean there. I’ve personally seen people get tattoos and piercings there, as well as getting my tattoo there. I was super impressed by the cleanliness.

  3. I’ve always had my doubts about this place because I had read so many mixed reviews, so it’s nice to read a review from someone I know. I’ve been debating getting a couple more piercings for a while and the idea of paying only $15 for one was simultaneously a little foreboding and pretty appealing, because I tend to associate higher prices with better, cleaner places. However, I hated paying $45-$60 for one piercing. After reading this review, however, I think I’ll reconsider this place.

  4. Zach Miller says:

    do you prefer one of their locations over the other?

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