Ballet Afrique Austin

Ballet Afrique is a contemporary dance company based in Austin, Texas. The founding mission of the company was to help forward the black professional dance movement in Austin. Ballet Afrique uses dance to build understanding, inspiration and appreciation for the cultures and experiences of the African Diaspora.

Throughout Austin, Ballet Afrique performs for the UT community, theater production companies, and throughout events in East Austin.

If you’re interested in dance, and are just looking to perform, Ballet Afrique is currently enrolling people of all ages and races. Of course they could defintely help you improve your technique if that is also something you’re interested in.

The company’s most recent performance happened May 1st at UT’s Black Essence Awards.

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One Response to Ballet Afrique Austin

  1. Rachel Levi says:

    This sounds really awesome. I would love to go to one of their shows. I love dancing and was a dancer my whole life. I wish I could find a really cool place to take dance classes in Austin…but in terms of this group, I would definitely go to one of their performances.

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