Summer Heat

Austin is known for music, and the Sixth Street scene just got a little more diverse, and there’s a celebration because of it.

Pecan District during the Famous Festival

The Stage, a new “Texas Country” bar on the eastern part of west sixth, is going to celebrate the new summer with “summer heat.” This celebration is an attempt to get the biggest names in Austin and Texas country music to assimilate and make the new venue a staple in genera.

Austin at one time was known for it country music, but after Willie left it became a little stagnant.

Summer Heat has a different strategy; invite people that want to have fun, and let them. They’ve got a place for you dog out back, a patio, and most importantly, air conditioning.

During the Pecan Street Festival this past weekend, the temperature hit 94 at street level, but the Stage held at a cool 70. One of the bigger one-stage venues, Summer Heat stated at the festival and will continue on through till June.

The reason you should bring your friends is that it’s the best proximity to parking, has the most bar tenders per customer, and is still on sixth so a change of venue is not a problem. Make this your meet up spot when going downtown this summer, because the kitchen is quick and filling.


About Matt Loving

Journalism Senior at UT Austin.
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