A Finishing Dip

To celebrate the end of the spring semester, a group called the “River Rats” will be leading a trip to float the river in San Marcus.

The River Rats are making their third consecutive trip in the past three springs. The initial group members call it a “necessary cleansing.”

“It’s a small group, but were passionate about this. We’re trying to start a tradition, a really fun one.”

The River Rats Float in Groups

The group totals only about 15 people, but they welcome anybody that has a tie to the University of Texas, including a friend that goes there.

“It’s our goal to one day have the river for a day only for us,” John Menard, a graduate of UT as of 2010, “it hasn’t happen yet but we’ve got to stay dedicated or it’ll just be some friends that went to the river.”

They aren’t an official UT group yet, but they plan on organizing with the new school year. The only demands to be associated with the group is that you have to be a UT student, or “plan” to be a UT student.

“It’s a loose loop hole I know, but we’ve got to have it,” Menard said.

So if you’re looking for a fun group that’s open to new people, make a trip with these experienced floaters.


About Matt Loving

Journalism Senior at UT Austin.
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One Response to A Finishing Dip

  1. Zach Miller says:

    this sounds fun. Now I have an excuse to go float the river.

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