Qua- Wine Bar and Lounge

For everyone 21 and up, Qua offers another downtown location that reminds its guest of a bar on Miami’s South Beach. Qua, located near 4th and Colorado, is a wine bar and lounge, complete with VIP areas, two DJ’s, an unique dance floor, a full bar, and two waterfalls.
What makes the dance floor unique? Just the fact that it’s a fish tank!

That’s right, you and your guest are going to be dancing on top of fish tank. Just to add more excitement to the evening, the fish tank comes complete with a shark exhibit. Not to worry though, the dance floor is made from a strong safety glass. There is no other place downtown with a dance floor that can compare.
If you’re celebrating a birthday,  or want to throw a bachelor/ette party for a friend, Qua has several VIP sections available to accommodate you. These come complete with couches and pillows and sections you away from the busy bustle of the dance floor.
DJ’s here are awesome, and will give you a shout out for your party.
One last plus about Qua, are they’re exceptionally clean restrooms. This may seem small, but compared to the rest of downtown, this is a big deal.
For those 21 and up, avoid the chaos of 6th Street, and come on over to Qua for a different type of entertainment experience.

Location: 213 W. 4th St.

Hours: 8pm-2am everyday

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One Response to Qua- Wine Bar and Lounge

  1. I celebrated the new year here, and have been here for parties in the past. I really like this place and would recommend it to anyone who is tired of 6th street!

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